About Fresh Starts

      I am Tara Thompson and I am not very good at anything. In fact it has been some what of a joke that I seem to be average (at best) at everything. With that being said, I managed to hit the jackpot and found an amazing husband and we have 3 smart and active little boys who continue to love me for the average person I am.
    I decided to start a blog for a variety of reasons, but mostly I just needed a hobby. The idea for Fresh Starts came from my love of being outside and really wanting to make the most of what nature provides for us.  I will be writing about my experiences not as an expert or as someone who has any natural talent, but as someone who is learning to do these activities and use the items I grow or find as I go. My posts will have recipes, crafts,  lessons, and activities. Each entry will be straight forward and laid back. I invite you to join me in trying some (or all) of  these experiences. Comment and let me know how it goes for you, or offer your tips and tricks to me! It may not always be pretty or perfect, but it is always real. This is my fresh start working with fresh items.